About Honley Business Association

Honley boasts more than 130 businesses. The Honley Business Association was formed on 27 January 2013 to unite these businesses to the greater benefit to all.

Its Aims are to:

1. Lend support by creating opportunities for local businesses to network with each other.

2. Promote Honley Village as a shopping destination as well as a great place to live, work, relax and do business.

3. Encourage businesses to support each other in Honley.

4. Explore ways that the business community can create additional employment opportunities for local people and attract more businesses to the area.

5. Develop links with elected representatives.

6. Link with other Business Associations across the borough and county to gain collective bargaining powers.

7. Utilise our combined resources to create improvements within Honley Village including provision of Christmas lights and other seasonal floral ornamentations.