At the Honley Business Association, we couldn’t help but notice the many improvements this year in and around the village. There’s a long list and the following are just some of the areas we’ve noticed which we wanted to celebrate:

– The barrel planters at the library, Valli Opticians and Pharmacy have looked beautiful, together with beatification of the well. The latter, together with the flower tower at Balooshai, and the many hanging baskets, gave a real warm, punchy welcome to the village. Thanks to villagers, Beardsworths and Bradley nurseries, whose efforts have ensured that the planting has looked stunning.

– The land at the back of the Co Op and Opticians has been cleared, with a great deal of rubble and litter removal. We’ve since noticed a reduction in littering which we think is down to the fact that the area now looks cared for, coupled with a small thing, which still took time and effort to organise, a new litter bin on the Co Op footpath.  The planting in the small flower bed behind Valli Opticians would otherwise not have had any impact, had this ground work not been done.

– The flower beds at the car park have been mowed and planted, from seedlings grown by Honley residents.  And we hear that 150 polyanthus were lifted from the Park, otherwise destined for Council composting, and distributed to residents’ gardens, ready for re-planting next year. And as for the Church – it’s flower beds looked superb, thanks to many kind donations of plants and labour.

–  The bike at our local butchers was adorned with ivy and geraniums.   A little bit of France in Honley which looked stylish and inviting.

– The Country Hairdressers was cleared and pruned, and again litter and rubble removed. A local man was even seen stripped to the waist with sweat dripping and scythe in hand, in the grounds of the said Hairdressers.  The Library looks great too:  It’s grounds, hedges and railings have each been enhanced.

– A great deal of painting took place throughout the village:  As well as the Library, the railings at the roundabout, Valli Opticians, Gerts Florist, the Hairdressers and some litter bins have all been painted a gentle shade of grey, and our antique phone box is now a fresh, pillar box red.

– The door way between Fish and Chicks and Nisa has been covered with what we think is weed fabric, but irrelevant of what it is, it looked good.

– Street signs that were bent have been repaired and broken doors to gas meters reinstalled by the support of the Broadbent family at our DIY store.  And bags of lime chippings were laid to provide ground cover from our local Holme Build team.

– The well has seen creation of a metal flower bed, made by local craftsman from scraps of metal, into which a glorious floral display has been planted. Similarly the hanging baskets at Chain Reaction, Gerts Florist, Mustard and Punch, Fish and Chicks, and Dixon and Franks were suspended from hand crafted brackets. It would have been much easier to replace these, but better to recycle. This allowed these and more businesses than ever to rent council baskets, creating a perfect pop of village colour. Further evidence of a real joint effort between business and community.

– And behind the scenes, we’ve seen and heard of tales of weekly weeding and plant watering, with car loads of water hauled to the Main Street, with people up ladders, and down!  And you didn’t stop there … we know of emergency watering of every single basket and tub in the village, when the Council forgot to do so.  A small blip in Council support in an otherwise spotless record from Bradley Nurseries.

– Not to mention endless litter pick up days by residents, bottle banks washed and disinfected, street furniture scrubbed clean, graffiti removed and cigarette butts picked up, one by one from the Church Street cobbles.

– And finally to enjoy all of this, we of course need somewhere to sit. So the benches have been sanded and stained, and now young and old alike, resident and visitor, have somewhere pleasant to rest.

So what can we say about all of these achievements?  

We on the Honley Business Association have been amazed at what has been achieved. The collaboration and determination to make Honley a great neighbourhood in which to live, visit and work, has been 100% successful. And the award by the RHS, after only 6 months of working together, is evidence of these achievements, although we could each see it with our own eyes.

We’ve noticed a sense of pride in our village and we’d like to thank each of you for the part that you’ve played.

We look forward to enjoying the Autumn/Winter displays throughout the village and thank you for your continued support.

From all HBA Committee

7th November 2015