The following is an email from Councillor Charles Greaves to all


Please find attached the following documents:(a) a map of Honley and Brockholes showing the proposed development sites
(b) a list of sites, size and proposed number of houses
(c) information on how to make a submission to planning
(d) factors to consider when making a submissionThere is no definitive guide or template on how to make a submission – saying what you think is enough – but if you have particualr knowledge of a site and why it may be unsuitable for the proposed use please say so.If you are part of, or are thinking of forming a neighbourhood group please let me know so that we can support you.You may wish to take a look at the website to get a fuller understanding of some of the battles we have been having over the last 4 years.

Please feel free to forward this message on – we want to make people aware of what is going on and to encourage everyone to make a submission.

Kirklees Local Plan factors to consider.pdf

Kirklees Local Plan info.pdf

Kirklees Local Plan flyer H and B v1.1.pdf