Honley Business Association was formed in 2013 and from that time the feedback whenever there was a call for CCTV evidence from the old system the footage either wasn’t available or the quality was so poor that it was inadmissible/unhelpful. Honley wasn’t a hot bed of crime but two elderly residents getting their pensions stolen after leaving the post office or cars getting damaged when parked was enough to make us think a new system might be a good idea.

HBA thought if we had a CCTV system that was plainly visible it would be a deterrent and possibly supply information if it was ever needed. It could also give any business either in Honley or considering where to set up a business a bit more peace of mind that Honley is the place to be.

HBA set about raising money and our events helped to raise in the region of £7k however we needed a further £10k to install Cameras from the roundabout to the traffic lights through the centre. We applied for a Lottery Grant and luckily were awarded the £10k requested.

As it turned out in the 6 months prior to the CCTV system being installed there was 6 break ins along the centre of Honley where not a lot was stolen but the cost of repair was considerable. No evidence for any of these burglaries was available from the old CCTV system so we knew it was needed.

The first 24 cameras were installed in June 2016 with an immediate result in the arrest of a thief after a break in at a hairdressers where the registration of the vehicle was captured and the thief was captured later, still in the same outfit he had worn during the burglary. Since then there have not been any further burglary in the centre of Honley so we do think this is down to the CCTV being present.

Honley CCTV Cameras

All together there has been 30 requests from police for CCTV to be checked and evidence has been provided 19 times so 63% of the time. Some interesting results are a hit and run driver caught and prosecuted for hitting a dog and an elderly lady on a Zebra Crossing but driving away, various reports of car damage either showing the car was already damaged prior to parking in Honley or identifying the offender, vehicle registrations involved in thefts and one particular humorous incident where a man in a van stole two of our shops lovely hanging baskets but when it was made apparent that the CCTV had identified the crime the baskets were returned !

Since the first install the CCTV has been extended to cover along Huddersfield Road to Magdale with two further areas we would like to cover going past the high school to the train station and along Brockholes Road to cover the industrial estates to the edge of Brockholes.
We hope that the CCTV gives some comfort to each and every person who lives or works in Honley and all donations towards the system are gratefully received.

If you’d like to become a member of Honley Business Association you can join as a business, community group, local organisation or even as a resident. Download an application form here: Honley Business Association Application Form